TVA FYRA Promo Video

The founder of TVÅ FYRA is Josefine Lindegaard, a designer from Sweden. The Swedish word ‘TVÅ FYRA’ actually means 24 in English. The author is reminding himself and each of us that we only have 24 hours a day. In design, they advocate the use of space and the pursuit of the golden ratio measurement. The core values ​​of TVÅ FYRA’s brand are simple, practical and reasonable. The design is heavily influenced by ‘Bauhaus’ movement.

品牌的创办人是来自瑞典的隐人设计师Josefine Lindegaard 。 TVÅ FYRA 的原译是瑞典语的24。作者是在提醒自己每一个人一天只有24個小時的时间。在设计方面提倡善用空间和追求黄金比例的同时,以实用与合理为主轴。而 TVÅ FYRA 的品牌核心价值观是简约,踏实,实用,合理,以包豪斯 “Bauhaus” 为主要风格。